2016 Update

My journey is a long story but here I will be brief. I started writing in 2004. I self-published Passenger’s Side in 2005.  I then continued to write as I was prompted and also took pages and pages of notes for additional books. I now have titles and themes for several additional books, some already in manuscript form. My heart is to write.

Now it is time to get to work-to do what God has called me to do. In faith I believe the obstacle I have can be overcome. Namely, and I won’t use fancy words and phrases to say money… but yes, money.

I truly appreciate support from anyone who would be in position to help me move forward. And in turn, I am happy to give it to you straight. My short term goal is this simple: To have the resources I need to quit my secular job and get moving in regards to my writing-the work that God has given me to do.

The Lord directs my steps. And may He direct yours in this manner. If you would be led to support this venture it would be greatly appreciated. Please help me get to work. Please help me promote the name of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for visiting my website. You are welcome here any time. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.