Mr. Forosisky,

Thank you for sending us a review copy of PASSENGER'S SIDE. We would love to feature your book in our GoodNews/Christian Clubs. Requesting permission to advertise the book below in all of our email book clubs, including DearReader.com, member libraries, Books-a-million.

We feel our readers are going to love this book and buy it. It's a pleasure to advertise your titles. Please let me know if we have permission to use the material.

Amber | DearReader.com

Dear Mr. Forosisky,

Glory be to God for all the good things he has done and continue to do in our lives. I thank God for your life and all that he is doing in your life. I have also decided that I want the Lord to take full control of my life. I have gotten to a point in my life that I want to get closer and closer to God than ever before. I believe God led me to your book for a reason and I keep praising God whilst reading. I just finished Ch 11-\"Letting go\" and I cannot wait to finish the book. I intend to read it again.

I like your writing style and sense of humor. The Passenger\'s side is a great book. I have recommended it to my friends and I intend to write a review on Amazon.com, when I finish reading.

It is amazing the way God works in the lives of His children. He is working on me in a way that blows my mind. He is leading me to books that will help me in my christian walk and He led me to yours. I know it is not a coincidence. The Lord led me to your book to confirm certain things in my life.

I admire your closeness to the Lord and I pray that I will get to that level or even more. I know  what the Lord is doing in your life right now is just the beginning and that He will do great and mighty things in your life. Just keep trusting him.

I hope to read from you soon. Stay blessed !!!

Thank you,