Meet John Forosisky

John Forosisky
Me out enjoying a beautiful afternoon in Gaithersburg.

Author, Passenger's Side: Putting Jesus Christ in Charge of Your Life

When asked to describe himself, author John Forosisky calls himself simply "a follower of Jesus Christ." That simple label is, no doubt, part of Forosisky's desire to live out a life that is totally surrendered to the lordship of Christ. "Whatever else I am, or I do, or I desire," said Forosisky, "it comes to nothing if I'm not living daily with the realization that God is the author of my life, and His Son is my lord and guide. That's the most important thing I've learned in life, and I believe God has commissioned me to help others learn that as well."

Forosisky is part of a new breed of Christian writers using their own experiences as believers to offer readers a simple message of redemption, restoration, sanctification, and spiritual fulfillment. "I really believe that the simpler the message," he explained, "especially in this day and age of complex and conflicting messages coming at us from all angles of our society -- the more easily people hungry for more of God are going to be able to get to where they want to go."

After spending nearly 20 years in the business world, John felt prompted by God to turn his heart and efforts to bringing a message to the body of Christ about the freeing power of total surrender to the lordship of Jesus Christ. "You can only effectively teach others what God has made a real revelation in your own life," he explained. "And this message of the joy of complete surrender to Him is something He has completely solidified in my own spirit. He's given me a powerful message for the Church, and I'm excited to see the fruit it will bear."

Passenger's Side: Putting Jesus Christ in Charge of Your Life (Trafford Publishing) is John Forosisky's first book.