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Passenger's Side: Putting Jesus Christ in Charge of Your Life
by John Michael Forosisky

Passenger's Side is a non-fiction account, that describes how an ordinary person's life, becomes extraordinary. You'll learn of how one man's life has dramatically changed, because of something he has found... something that was once hidden.

The author, John, has discovered a new and amazing relationship. The type of relationship that he has discovered, is one that he never would have imagined... one that he didn't realize could exist. Can miraculous things really happen in a person's life, everyday?

In addition to learning of John's personal testimonies and the amazing accounts that he will share with you, Passenger's Side was written to help you. It is a Christian self-help book, that can change your life in a way that is more wonderful than you could imagine. It can and will help you in the "here and now."

The author states:

"Over and above helping people like you, it is my intention that this book would bring glory to the God. It is God that deserves credit for all good things. We can do nothing worthwhile outside of Him. We have life, only because of Him. It is only the Lord God, who is worthy of praise. I believe this book will give you a better understanding of the Lord, and your own life.

You will soon discover that with Jesus Christ as your partner, you can live the kind of lfie that seems like a wonderful dream. And the best part is; what I am referring to, is available to you now. Even today.

So join me on this journey. Open your mind, and your heart, and you will soon discover what I have... that traveling through life in the passenger's side, is the only way to travel!