Book's Message Is Simple: Let God Drive!

by Ann Efimetz - Virginia Gazette

WILLIAMSBURG - One day in May of 2004, John Forosisky was jotting off a quick note to his sister. He began sharing with her where he was on his spiritual journey. As he was writing, he felt God's spirit inspiring him.

"Out of nowhere, it was like the Lord was streaming a poem into me," Forosisky said in a recent interview. "After a few sentences, I went to my computer to write. About ten minutes later, the 'Passenger's Side' was written."

It was that poem that provided the springboard into a full-length book that he recently self-published.

"In the beginning, I wanted to have the poem published," he said. "But a few months later, I developed the knowledge that I was supposed to write a book."

The theme is simple -- giving God control of your life. Forosisky compares it to driving a car.

"Here, Lord, I want you to sit in the driver's seat of my own life and take the wheel," the poem said. "I will stay right up here with you so that I can see where we are going, from right where I belong, the passenger's side."

Giving control means surrendering past hurts, guilt, resentment, anger and frustration to God.

"The Lord is your partner," Forosisky said. "You have to do your own part, but by surrendering to the Lord's will, you will know you have his support. As long as your plans and goals are consistent with his will, you will do great things."

Forosisky, who is 37, had a successful career in sales and marketing. Although he felt some satisfaction in his work, he felt something was missing.

"I could never put my heart into it 100 percent, even though I had levels of success," he said. "I don't think it is a coincidence that after I asked Jesus to take the wheel of my life that he told me that this is what he wanted me to do."

Forosisky is currently a full-time author, having completed two other books and working on more.

"I love knowing that my boss is God," Forosisky said. "I work for him."

He is looking to have "Passenger's Side" picked up by a conventional publisher.  He feels his book has appeal because it shares experiences that people can relate to.

"The reader will be able to relate to this," Forosisky said. "It was written by a regular guy who is walking around and has seen the works of God in his life. God has shown me so much. The Lord is available to do wonderful and miraculous things in your life."

More -- "Passenger's Side" costs $22.95 and is available at Barnes & Noble, Bruton Parish Book & Gift Shop and

This article originally appeared in the Virginia Gazette in Williamsburg , VA.